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Area of application

The purpose of these "general terms of use" is to provide legal guidance on how the site's services are made available www.digistory.fr and their use by the "User".

The terms and conditions of use must be accepted by any User wishing to access the site. They are the contract between the site and the User. The User's access to the site means that he or she accepts these terms and conditions of use.


The purpose of this clause is to define the various essential terms of the contract:

User: This term refers to anyone who uses the site or any of the services offered by the site.

Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, signs and other content of the site are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and in particular by copyright.
The User seeks prior permission from the site for any reproduction, publication, copy of the various contents.
The User undertakes to use the content of the site in a strictly private setting. The use of content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
Any content posted by the User is his sole responsibility. The User undertakes not to upload content that may harm the interests of third parties. Any legal action taken by an aggrieved third party against the site will be taken care of by the User.
User content can be removed or modified by the site at any time and for any reason. The User receives no justification and notification prior to the deletion or modification of User content.


Many outgoing hyperlinks are present on the site, however the web pages where these links lead do not in any way engage the responsibility of [Name of the site] which does not have control of these links.

The User therefore refrains from taking responsibility for the site's content and resources relating to these outgoing hyperlinks.